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Our converted vintage horse trailer Raffaele – now on the road!


456 is the optimal temperature for cooking neopolitan style pizza. Although each region in Italy boasts its own style of pizza, the original pizza as we know it today hails from Naples when Neapolitan chef Raffaele Esposito crafted the first pizza margherita in green (basil), white (mozzarella) and red (tomato) to match the flag of newly independent Italy.

Good pizza always!

We believe that good pizza should not be a luxury. This means that we always look to source the best ingredients for our pizzas. Where possible we use local and organic products. Infact, our Marinara and Margherita are made with organic local flour and organic tomatoes and fior di latte mozzarella!


Our standard gluten based dough takes about 18 hours to develop and includes only fresh local yeast, water, salt and Finnish organic unbleached flour.

We also offer a gluten free dough option which has a longer proofing time of 72 hours.

Our wheat flour is organic and comes from Lampisen luomutila in Ikaalisten Pirkanmaa.

Our gluten free flour is  from Italy and is a blend of  rice and potato starches, rice and soy flour, sugar, thickeners and dietary fiber. We are told it’s rather good!

Tomatoes are organic San Marzano which hail from Italy and are the most flavoursome tomatoes for passata sauce

Mozzarella is lactofree Fior di latte (from cow’s milk)…creamy and tasty.

Our other toppings are a combination of traditional Italian produce and seasonal Finnish ingredients.

We also have a range of great vegan ingredients!


We have two Gozney Roccbox ovens which run on either gas and wood. Pizzas are cooked at over 400 degrees giving a cooking time of between one to two minutes – the original fast food! The high cooking temperature gives the pizzas a special taste and easily digestible edge which should be enjoyed. A typical of a Neopolitan pizza.

Based in the the Tampere Pirkanmaa Area

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